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Practice Cases

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Practice Cases

Murder & GBH

  • R -v- JG (Attempted Murder) Old Bailey/Woolwich Crown Court (Acquitted)
  • R -v- S (GBH S18) Stabbing, Harrow Crown Court (Acquitted)
  • R -v- M (GBH S18) - Snaresbrook Crown Court (Acquitted)
  • R -v- L (GBH S18) St Albans Crown Court
  • R -v- AA (Attempted Murder) Portsmouth Crown Court


  • R -v- A- Wood Green Crown Court £25K armed robbery (Acquitted)
  • R v B & 4 others- Kingston Crown Court £15K Robbery using a firearm


  • R -v- S & 7 Others, Kingston Crown Court -conspiracy to supply class A Opium 25KG (Acquitted)
  • R -v- V , Isleworth Crown Court -Class B Cultivation (Acquitted)
  • R v M & 10 Others- "OPERATION CLEVELAND", conspiracy to produce and supply Class B, street value £5 million, leading role to lesser role, Bristol Crown Court.
  • R v D & 5 Others, Maidstone Crown Court - Conspiracy to Supply Class A. Street value 2 million. This is the third conviction for drug offence. After Newton hearing received minimum sentence.
  • R -v- H & 1 Other- Harrow Crown Court -conspiracy to supply Class A drugs 99% purity Heroine -street value £25 million

Money Laundering

  • R v MK & 25 Others - "OPERATION SURGING" - Money laundering value of £83 Million, Southwark Crown Court, 25 defendants. Trial one 8 defendants. (Acquitted)
  • R v V - Money laundering for £ 1Million Harrow Crown Court (Acquitted)
  • R -v- N & 25 Others“OPERATION MECKLENBURGER” - 25 Defendants (£43 Million Money Laundering investigation led by the New Scotland Yard Economic Crime Unit prosecuted in England by the CPS ), Southwark Crown Court
  • R -v- H & 9 Others 'OPERATION POMPEII’- 9 Defendants (Quarter million conspiracy to steal vehicles in West Midlands area, Worcester Crown Court
  • R v AA & 8 Others "OPERATION SUINA"- Money Laundering £20 Million, gang of 8, Kingston Crown Court

Sexual Offences

  • R v SB & 6 Others "OPERATION ENFIELD" - Grooming of under age girls (6 defendants) Manchester Crown Court.
  • R -v- FS & 10 Others "OPERATION RUMOI" Modern Slavery - Human Trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation; Control prostitution for gain. 10 Defendants, Harrow Crown Court
  • R v MW - Sexual communication with a child Isleworth Crown Court.

Fraud and Serious Crime

  • R v A & 2 others - Fire Arm & Ammunitions (sub-Machine Gun) to endanger life, Harrow Crown Court (Acquitted)
  • R v P & 3 others - Fire Arm & Ammunitions (Makorov variant self-loading Pistol) Possession, Harrow Crown Court (Acquitted)
  • R v Z & 7 others - Sold house without owners knowledge, St Albans Crown Court (Acquitted)
  • R v Y - Counterfeit currency, Isleworth Crown Court (Acquitted)
  • R -v- WM Kidnap and False Imprisonment , Harrow Crown Court, Proceedings were subject to legal arguments and the Crown subsequently offered no evidence.
  • R v Q- Housing benefit fraud for £55 K, Isleworth Crown Court.
  • R v S- Housing benefit fraud for £70 K, Croydon Crown Court.
  • R -v- S Counterfeit Clothes and Shoes (leading designer brands) at Wembley Market -Value £100,000 prosecuted by Trading Standards Brent & Harrow.

Cold Case

  • R -v- V G (Cold Case File 1985; prosecuted by the CPS after 25 years in 2013 (Investigation in relation to the facilitation of non-EU migrants illegal in to UK and across Europe), Ipswich Crown Court. Case dismissed.