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Landlord and Tenant

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Landlord and Tenant

Chelian Law Solicitors in Harrow provides services to landlord and tenant, when there is a dispute. Our law firm is located in South Harrow next to the underground station.

Issues affecting Tenants

New Tenancy Agreements and Deposit Protection

Housing Disrepair

In the event that an agreement cannot be reached you are entitled to bring a claim in the small claims court for the money owed to you.

Landlords and Letting Agents should all be aware of their obligation to protect tenant deposits and provide the tenant with the prescribed information regarding this.

We can assist Tenants with the following:

Representation at court during possession proceedings or warrants to evict along with occupiers who are unlawfully evicted and wish to obtain reinstatement to a property.

Assistance in respect of Tenancy Deposit Schemes and how deposits are protected.

Our solicitors can help you resolve disputes between Landlords and Tenants. Are you a Tenant who has fallen behind in rent or a Landlord who has breached the terms of the Tenancy Agreement? Chelian Law Solicitors are dedicated in assisting you with such matters.

Issues affecting Landlords

We can assist Landlords with managing legal issues emerging in relation to their property, from drafting straightforward tenancy agreements.

  • Our services include:
  • Tenancy Agreements
  • Housing Disrepair Claims
  • Tenancy Deposit Scheme
  • Rent Arrears
  • Eviction
  • Possession Proceedings

You need a best property lawyer on your side. This can make a pivotal difference to your chances of success. Get in touch with Chelian Law Solicitors today.