Immigration Representation Fees

We have set out below our professional fee list for some of the most common types of Immigration applications.

Due to the nature of each Immigration case having its own merits and complexity, the below fees are reasonable estimates as to what each client will be expected to incur. However this can vary depending on the complexity of the matter and the Fee Earner handling the matter.

Depending on the circumstances of each individual client, we will advise on whether VAT will be applicable. We have noted on the table where VAT is usually applied, but this is not limited to just these applications. We will advise each client on whether VAT is applicable to their case. (For example a person who has had not had any immigration status in the United Kingdom would not be applicable to pay VAT). VAT is currently calculated at 20%.

All applications are likely to vary due to factors such as the type of person (Solicitor or Paralegal) working on your case, the complexity of the case and timescale taken to prepare the case. We will be able to provide a more accurate estimate once we have more information about your specific case and this will always be discussed with you at the outset of any matter.

The person carrying out the work will be clearly conveyed to you from the outset of instruction. The following persons may be instructed:

  • Solicitor/Director – 19 Years of Law Experience

  • Paralegal/ Immigration Caseworker – 4 Years of Immigration Law Experience (Always Supervised by a Solicitor)
    *All work is supervised/ overseen by the Director

  • ** We will be providing the following services for most of our Immigration applications:

  • Initial consultation, consideration of the options and assessing most appropriate action (such as appeal or application) ( if any needed ) based on client’s circumstances

  • Advising on requirements of the immigration rules, as well as other laws, regulations, guidance and specified evidence

  • Advising on method of submission priority. Standard Service or Super Priority Service

  • Assessing supporting evidence and advising on the same

  • Assisting with obtaining further evidence including, engaging with 3rd parties where permitted to etc. social service reports, medical expert reports, police reports, banks and employers etc

  • Preparing online or paper form application with supporting evidence

  • Preparing detailed representations and finalising application submission.

  • If required, booking biometric appointment at the relevant appointment centre.

  • Further submission/ providing updates on progress

  • Advising on outcome of application /implications of status/application and next steps.

  • Our timescale to prepare and submit applications:

  • Applications from instructions take between 2 weeks to 4 months on average depending on complexity of applicant's immigration history, but also depending on whether you have provided the documentary evidence we request for. We will let you know at the earliest opportunity if it is likely to take longer than this.

  • These are some factors that could make a case more complicated. This will consequently change the timescale taken to prepare each case and professional fee for each case. Some of the factors include:

  • The amount of supporting documents/ evidence that we need to consider

  • Any Physical or Language Barriers such as how many languages you speak

  • Whether you are applying with dependants and the number of dependants involved.

  • Complexities such as past refusals, criminal convictions, adverse immigration history

  • The urgency of the case

  • How clearly you meet the eligibility criteria for the relevant application

  • Depending on the procedure of the Application such as paper form, online form, scanning services, bundle preparation etc…

  • General timescales on return of applications submitted:

  • We cannot guarantee how long the Home Office will take to process your application. Each Application can have different standard service times. The Home Office may also write back stating that the service standard time may not be met and therefore additional time may be required in deciding an application. Read the current processing times.

  • Please Note: Our professional agreed fees quoted in the below table does not include the following:

  • Any Home Office fees, Immigration Health Surcharge or Biometric fees for making the application. The client will pay this to the Home Office or appropriate body directly as part of the application process. Find updated list of Home Office Fees.

  • Other expenses where applicable such as Disbursements for social service report, medico legal reports, psychiatric report, interpreter costs, expert evidence/ barristers/ counsel.

  • Where the Home Office refuses your application, advice and assistance in relation to any appeals/reconsideration/ dependants – These matters are considered as fresh matters and a new case will need to begin following the refusal of your previous case.

  • We will let you know at the earliest opportunity as to any disbursements you will incur, if any of these are applicable.